Custom fields

Python-Anticaptcha since 0.3.0 supports task type `CustomCaptchaTask. It allows collects arbitrary description of image.

This type of tasks is suitable for use when you need to describe what is on an image and you need workers to fill a custom form about this.


  • Build ML dataset
  • Read letters and numbers from a car license plate
  • Find a phone number on a commercial
  • Reading data from the invoice scan
  • Complete task like “count monkeys on a picture”
  • etc.

If your case does not fit in such a flow, and yet you need a human factor for many repetitive tasks - create an issue, use Gitter or contact privately.

At the beginning you need to initialize the client:

from python_anticaptcha import AnticaptchaClient
api_key = 'xxxx'
client = AnticaptchaClient(api_key)

Then you build the form as dict of fields:

from collections import OrderedDict
from python_anticaptcha.fields import TextInput, Select

form = OrderedDict()
form['dot_count'] = TextInput(label="Dot count",
                              labelHint="Enter the number of dots.")
form['dot_color'] = Select(label="Dot color",
                           labelHint="Select the color of dots.",
                           choices=[('red', "Red"),
                                    ('blue', "Blue"),
                                    ('green', "Green")])

The form field key name specifies the name of the answer key.

There is multiple types of form fields, see Fields.

If they do not meet your expectations - use the JSON structure directly. You can use the following to build a proper structure:

Next to send form & image URL to and receive answer:

url = ""
task = CustomCaptchaTask(imageUrl=url,
                         assignment="Count the dots and indicate their color.",

job = client.createTask(task)
answer = job.get_answers()
print(answer['dot_count'], answer['dot_color'])